As a little girl, Denise had a passion for beautiful things.  Her bedroom shelves were adorned with ornaments and books, carefully and neatly arranged with love and consideration.  As she grew older she would look at her family home with a critical eye, often thinking of the many ways that she could improve it. 

However, growing up in a small market town in England, Interior Design wasn't a career option she was aware of.  It would be many years later, on the other side of the world, and with the passion still inside her, that she finally decided to pursue a career she loved, attending Sydney Design School.

Her philosophy is that your home should reflect your personality, your ideas, your life, your stories.  It is Denise's job to have a vision and in collaboration with you, create a space that you love.   

We believe every designer has an underlying design aesthetic and Denise's is one of simplicity and understated elegance. 

Denise believes it doesn't matter what your budget is, a space can be transformed from one with little or no direction, to one that is considered, beautiful, warm and welcoming.   Decorating can raise your spirits and make hanging out at home way more enjoyable!   Denise approaches each project individually, so no matter what your project is, whether it be simply creating a new concept for your home so that it flows and has continuity, or transforming a single room or multiple rooms, a kitchen and or bathroom renovation, why don't you give Denise at Order and Grace a call,  and she'll help you get started!